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Decorating for Christmas without a Christmas Tree

Although many people love to put up a Christmas tree for the holiday season, you certainly don't need one, since there are many other decorating techniques that you can use instead. Many times the other decorations can be so pretty and so much fun that you barely even notice that there isn't a tree. Decorating without a tree can be an environmentally-friendly method of decorating, since there isn't a need to cut down a real tree and even an artificial tree will eventually end up in a landfill.

Displaying Your Traditional Christmas Tree Ornaments

If you have had a tree in previous years, chances are you already have an extensive collection of Christmas tree ornaments. Since these ornaments often have a lot of Christmas tradition and memories attached to them, you might want to utilize these ornaments even if you are not displaying a Christmas tree this year. There are ornament display racks shaped like trees that you can use to display your most prized Christmas ornaments. You can also use some large decorative clear glass bowls or jars to display collections of ornaments. Or, if you have Christmas wreath decorations, some of your ornaments can be used to decorate the wreaths.

Using Live Plants

You can use poinsettias and amaryllis plants to create a striking natural Christmas display in your home. Depending on your preferences, you can choose them all in one color, or get a wide variety of poinsettia colors for a colorful display. If you have other house plants, you can also gather these together and combine them with holiday decorations and bows around their pots to create a beautiful display. Poinsettias and other natural plants decorated for the holidays look beautiful on the mantle, or grouped together on a shelf, countertop or table.

Garlands and Swags

If you want to add a little bit of evergreen to your home, you can purchase some pine bough swags or garlands. These can add that fresh scent of Christmas tree to your home, only in a smaller more manageable quantity of greenery. Garland and swags look great on stairway railings and banisters, or draped across the fireplace mantle. Of course, when using live greenery, always make sure to be safe and keep them far enough away from open flames and other sources of heat. Of course, if you prefer, you can use artificial evergreen garland instead.

Electric Candles

Putting an electric or battery-powered candle in each window of your home is a beautiful way of decorating with a holiday glow both inside and outside. These candles are inexpensive, so you can splurge on many of them, both for your windows and for other areas of your home. Of course, real wax candles are also a way of adding some holiday decor. Groupings of candles on tables, countertops and the mantle are always a nice added touch at Christmas.


Wreaths are always a classic Christmas decoration with so many possibilities. They look great on the front door, over the fireplace, or almost anywhere else within your home. There are so many different ways of decorating a wreath that they can match any indoor decorating style.

Jessica Ackerman from, has skills in decorating with wrought iron door toppers and beautiful wall art.

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