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Peeps on a Stick

There are a lot of fun Easter crafts you can make with peeps. Last year I made a peeps wreath and peeps s'mores as a fun gift to give to friends. This year I tried out these peeps on a stick. They are a cute, fun gift to give to friends or family for Easter, and they only take a few minutes to make.

I have to admit, after I made these, I wondered if they were worth the effort. After a little trial and error, however, I decided that they turned out pretty cute and that they would make a cute inexpensive Easter gift for my nieces and nephews.

For this project you will need:

  • Marshmallow peeps
  • Long lollipop sticks
  • Clear goodie bags
  • Pastel ribbon

The first time I tried to put a lollipop stick through a peep I made a big mess. You may find that the lollipop stick is going to really stick to the peep, making it hard to slide it through.

peeps on a stick

I got around this problem by rubbing some butter on the stick first. You could probably also spray it with cooking spray. Then the lollipop stick will slide nicely through the peep.

You also want to slide the stick through the center of the peep, and up through the back of it. If you poke the stick through the heads they will look funny (trust me on this).

I put four peeps on each of my lollipop sticks, alternating between two colors (purple and pink) on each one.

I then faced each of the peeps so they were all going the same direction.

Next I placed each peeps stick into a clear goodie bag and placed a tie at the bottom of each one. Then I tied a ribbon around each one and curled the edges of the ribbons.

These peeps on a stick are really cute and fun to make if you need just a small gift for someone. Two small packages of peeps will make four peeps on a stick.

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