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How to Make a Pumpkin Topiary

This pumpkin topiary is a fun decoration to make for your front porch for Halloween. I saw this neat idea and decided to make my own version of it to put by my front door.

For this project you can use foam pumpkins or real pumpkins. I decided to use real pumpkins because I had some small pumpkins just the right size growing in my garden.


  • Three small pumpkins
  • Epoxy
  • Two toothpicks
  • Wood letter cutouts that spell "BOO"
  • Black craft paint or spray paint
  • Paint brush
  • Spanish moss
  • Flower pot

I've never made a topiary before. I love the idea of using pumpkins to make one. Try to select three pumpkins that will sit on top of each other comfortably or you will have a hard time keeping them on top of each other.

pumpkin topiary

Note that hot glue will not work on real pumpkins. Believe me, I tried! It will stick for a little while but then come right off. I used some heavy duty epoxy, and that worked great.

You can use spray paint or a paint brush to paint your cutout letters. I used spray paint and then used a paint brush and craft paint to paint around all the edges.

When the paint is dry, you can glue the letters on the fronts of the pumpkins, one letter on each pumpkin.

Now you need to find a flower pot to place your pumpkins in. I just found one I wasn't using in my garden shed. If the flower pot is already filled with dirt, then you will just be able to set the pumpkins on top. You can use spanish moss to cover the dirt.

Place the pumpkins one on top of the other, so that the letters spell out the word "BOO". I used toothpicks to help hold the pumpkins together, and then used the epoxy to make sure they wouldn't roll off.

This pumpkin topiary is great. I love how it looks next to my front door. You can spray paint the pumpkins any color you want to, or spray them with glitter paint. You can also add a bow.

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