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Easy Suncatchers to Make for Spring or Easter

My preschooler and I had a great time making suncatchers for Valentine's Day, so I thought we would make some new ones for Spring and Easter. This time I spent a little more time finding some cute pictures to cut out for Easter.

For this project you will need:

  • Pink and yellow construction paper
  • Pastel colored tissue paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Contact paper
  • Easter or Spring clipart
  • Pencil

For this project, I searched Google Images for some simple Easter and Spring clip art to print out. I chose a bunny, some Easter eggs, and a flower and butterfly. Make sure there is a good basic outline, because when you cut it out you won't have any of the details of the clipart, just the outline.

Easter Sun Catcher

If you hold light colored construction paper up to a window you can see through it, so I held my yellow and pink construction paper up to a window and traced my Easter clip art onto the papers.

Use a pair of sharp scissors to poke a hole in the center of the clip art, and then place the tips of the scissors in the hole, cutting out to the outline of the picture you traced. Carefully cut out the picture. Repeat for each picture.

Easter Sun Catcher

Next cut out two pieces of contact paper for each picture you are going to make. The contact paper should be slightly smaller than the piece of construction paper.

Now for the fun part. Let your child help rip of tiny pieces of pastel colored tissue paper. After you are done tearing, take the backing off one piece of contact paper and place the paper sticky side up in front of your child.

Easter Sun Catcher

Let he or she arrange the tiny pieces of tissue paper on the contact paper. After they are finished place the other piece of contact paper on top, so the sticky sides are together. Trim around the edges.

Help your child use the glue stick to glue the contact paper to the back of the construction paper so that the tissue paper shows through the cut outs. That's it! This project is great for kids of all ages. Even toddlers can help rip tissue paper and stick it on the contact paper. Older children can also trace and cut out their own designs on the construction paper.

If your older child wants to try something different, let he or she melt crayons to make a colorful spring suncatcher, similar to what my boys did for their Valentine's Day suncatchers.

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