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An Apple Theme Kitchen Decor

If you love the look of fresh apples hanging in the grove and would like to incorporate that look into your kitchen decor, there is a way. With applies, you have a wide variety of colors to choose from. Of course the most common color of an apple is red but you have such a wide variety of red to choose from. There are light red, dark red and in between. If you want to place an apple theme in your kitchen, here are a few suggestions to help.

A trip to an apple orchard would be the best way to decide on the right color for your kitchen.

Colors that Blend

You want your colors to blend. When you look at an apple you will see red, light red, brown, and green. Your job is to figure out how you can incorporate all these colors together so they blend naturally. When you are done blending the colors, no color should stand out more than the other colors.

Start with a large serving bowl and fill it up with apples of different shades. You can use this bowl of applies to incorporate different shades into your decor. You are not going to redo the entire kitchen, you are only adding to the look that is already there. You need an apple tablecloth, curtains, salt and pepper shakers, and other apple themed accessories that you can use in your kitchen to incorporate the apple decor.

In the fall, you can change the red to a yellow color so you can bring in the colors of fall. You can also incorporate some wax fruit into your theme so you are not only displaying apples but other fruit as well. This will help you to make your kitchen more comfortable then it already is.

Finishing the Look

The floors can be done in very simple taste. Try an apple shaped rug or you can use solid color rugs that are red, green and brown. Place one of each in front of your major appliances in your kitchen. This not only adds color in your kitchen but it also allows you to decorate even more. Area rugs in the colors that you chose can be used throughout your kitchen.

Apple themed placemats, napkin holders, seat cushions or wall art with apples in them are some ways to get the apple design all over your kitchen. You can also add some simple window treatments. Apple curtains can be purchased or you can purchase white curtains and add some apple decor on them in a variety of colors.

The benefit of using an apple theme is the fact that you can change the colors frequently and you never need to completely redo your kitchen. The apple theme allows you to use red to yellow with ease. The neutral tones like brown and green is easily incorporated with any tone you decide to go with. Change your colors from spring to fall and never redecorate your entire kitchen again.

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