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Cheap Ways to Redecorate Your Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most-used rooms in a home. Even people who pop into your house for an hour or two are likely to see it at some point – which means that, in terms of keeping your property looking fresh, welcoming, and on-trend, it should be a priority for redecorating.

Refurbishing a bathroom often conjures up images of expensive sanitaryware and disruptive labour, but there are many ways that you can spruce up your room without starting from scratch. Here are a few suggestions for how to change your bathroom and bring its look up-to-date.

Replace the Grouting

Most bathrooms have at least some tiling around the sink, bath, and shower areas. While your tiles may have plenty of life in them, grouting can quickly look tired, with moisture causing mould, grime, and limescale to discolour the surface. Replacing the grouting will make your tiles look brighter and good as new – as well as being more hygienic.

Update your Lighting

Contemporary interior design has seen the popularity of discreet halogen spotlighting shoot up. However, if you've got a standard pendant light fitting, these newer options could require expensive rewiring. If you want to alter the atmosphere of a room, it could be as simple as changing a lightbulb. Standard bulbs often give off a yellow-tinged hue – but new 'daytime' bulbs provide a blue-ish glow, which will literally cast your décor in a whole new light.

Add Some Blinds

Privacy and discretion is of utmost importance to keep your bathroom as a welcoming haven. Window dressings can also be a quick and easy way for you to change the colour theme and general ambience of a bathroom. Swapping your curtains for made to measure roman blinds will create a sleek, sophisticated effect. Blinds can include printed designs or strong block colour, dependent on your chosen decorative scheme.

Change your Storage

Are you still keeping your towels and linens hidden behind a cupboard door? Why not add some statement shelving and let them shine? Stacks of bold coloured bath sheets and hand towels allow you to reinforce your colour choices and design themes. The fluffy textures of the soft linens also create warmth in contrast to the hard, smooth surfaces of the sanitaryware and walls.

Choose a New Mirror

If you're looking into a plain-edged mirror every morning, perhaps you should rethink and invest in a statement mirror frame. What's even better is that, depending on your look, you can often find beautiful ones in second-hand or reclamation shops which will be perfect.

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