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Idea for Decorating a Teenage Boy’s Bedroom
by Alyssa Davis

It can sometimes be difficult to decide how to decorate a teenage boy's bedroom. Most boys tend to dislike anything too stylish, preferring an overall "cool" look that matches their interests and the way they like to use their room. Teenage boys are also notorious for having messy rooms, so anything you can do to help keep things organized can be a good overall approach. The best method when deciding on a decorating scheme for a teenage boy's room is to involve them in the process. Don't try to create anything that is more stylish than what they like, but on the other hand, if they have special interests that they would like reflected in the bedroom styling, it's important to find this out first.

Color Schemes for a Teenage Boy's Room

Boys often have a preference for natural colors, such as beige, taupe, green and blue. Camouflage and other outdoorsy colors are also popular choices for a boy's bedroom. However, a teenage boy might also have a desire to decorate his room using the team colors of his high school sports team, or the colors of a college or professional sports team.

Choosing a Theme

While most teenage boys tend to steer clear of an actual theme for their bedroom, sports are often the exception to this rule. Other good themes for a boy's bedroom include music, or a personal hobby or interest, such as skiing or cars. A collection can also provide the inspiration for the theme of the room, such as a sports card or music collection. This style of decorating can add a very personal touch.


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Furnishing the Room

Regardless of the style of the room, there are certain pieces of furniture that are essential, such as a bed and desk. Plan the furniture around the various uses for the room, such as sleeping, hanging out with friends, listening to music, gaming and studying. A study area is essential, and should include a desk that provides plenty of work area for school work and studying, space for a computer if needed, a comfortable chair and good lighting. A futon is often a good choice for a teenage boy's bedroom, because it can provide extra seating area when hanging out with friends, as well as providing additional sleeping area if a friend spends the night. When arranging the furniture in the room, try to keep the overall arrangement as spacious as possible. Positioning a bed against a wall is often a good choice to free up floor space in the room for other activities.

Storage Considerations

Adding adequate storage can help a teenage boy's bedroom stay better organized. Wall shelving units, bookcases or plastic milk crates can be used for books, CDs, DVDs, and game cartridges. A hook or peg wall rack is also handy for organizing sports equipment, as well as providing a place to hang a jacket or book bag. Utilizing a closet organization system can also help a teenage boy stay organized, providing more bins and shelves if needed, as opposed to the entire closet being devoted to clothes storage.

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