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Camouflage Kids' Bedroom and Other Fun Decorating Ideas
by Alyssa Davis

Decorating a kid's bedroom can be a lot of fun, especially if you choose an interesting theme. When decorating a kid's room, you should always try to involve them in the process as much as possible. Helping to decorate their own room can be a lot of fun, plus you'll be more likely to end up with a room they will really love. Although some decorating themes for kids' bedroom are decidedly masculine or feminine, there are some ideas that will work well for girls or boys. Two fun ideas to try involve camouflage and a western theme.

Camouflage Kids Bedroom Ideas

Although a camouflage motif is often thought to be a good choice for a boy's room, it can also work well for a girl. There are a number of different ways you can work camouflage into a room design, besides the obvious military theme. Camouflage patterned fabrics and accessories can blend in beautifully when decorating a room in a jungle theme. Try using a camouflage patterned bedding set combined with jungle green curtains and animal accessories. Animal prints such as zebra or tiger stripes can also add a nice jungle accent when combined with camouflage. The neutral shades of camouflage are quite versatile and blend well with a number of different color schemes. Camouflage can even be combined with pink to add a feminine touch. Cream walls, camouflage patterned bedding and light pink accessories can be combined to create a girl's room that is pretty but not too frilly and fussy, which many young girls prefer. Camouflage also works well for rooms with an outdoors or camping theme. When decorating a boy's room, combine the neutral shades of camouflage with green, slate blue, or gray for a masculine touch.

Western-Themed Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Decorating kid's rooms with Western ideas is also a great way to add a touch of fun for either a boy or a girl. There are many different ways you can incorporate Western elements into a kid's room, depending on their interests and hobbies. For example, a Western theme can work well for the girl who loves horses, or the boy who has an interest in cowboys and Indians. Western decorating accents can also work well for a teen's room, especially if it is used as part of a Southwestern decorating theme. Choose colors such as brown, tan, white and other natural shades. You can add a splash of color by including turquoise, gold, or burnt orange accents. Black and white cow print accessories can also add a bit of fun. Look for Western-themed accessories such as boots, horseshoes, stirrups, cowboy hats and a rope lasso to add an authentic look. For a young child, a cartoon character cowboy or horse print bedspread or colorful wall decals will give the room a playful and youthful look. Older children and teens may prefer realistic framed Western art to decorate the walls. Solid rustic furniture will blend well with the overall design. A cowhide print area rug will add the perfect finishing touch.

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