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Encourage Your Little Hunters with Camo Bedding
by Tony Brobst

September's almost here, and with it, shorter days, cooler temperatures and a new season. No, it's not just fall. It's hunting season. Time to break out the camo, clean the guns, get up at the crack of dawn, and leave civilization in search of that ever-elusive twelve-point buck.

If you're an enthusiastic hunter, chances are you've been encouraging your children in the hobby as well. And if they enjoy it half as much as you do, then they're probably eager to display their love anywhere they can: with their clothes, books, toys and even their bedroom decorations.

You may not be able to get away with pulling your kids out of school early for "Thanksgiving vacation," but you can encourage your beginner hunter by turning their bedroom into a true hunter's den.

Show your Hunting Pride with Camo Bedding

The bed is the biggest piece of any room, which by default makes it the focal point. If you're going with a theme, the bed is the best place to anchor the room and tie it together.

Camouflage bedding is a fun way to spruce up your kid's bedroom with a hunting motif, and there are a number of different camo bedding sets out there. Brands like Mossy Oak, Realtree and Advantage offer camo bedding as well as camouflage clothes in a number of their more popular styles.

Not only does camouflage bedding keep hunting on the mind even when you're at home, but it will also give your little hunters a chance to pick out the decorations for their own bedrooms. It's something they like, and it's something that they were able to do on their own, which adds a nice little thrill of independence to the bedroom decorations. That alone will be almost more valuable than redecorating.

Bedding's not all you can do

Need some extra light in the room? A lamp with a deer engraved in the metal base may be perfect. Instead of a regular old night light, why not get one with ducks painted on the faceplate? If you've thought about painting the room, why not look into a camouflage wallpaper instead, or a camouflage border to go along with the paint? If you're feeling really artistic, you could even do a wildlife mural on one wall.

If you've got antlers or turkey feathers from previous hunts, they might make good wall decorations in your child's room. You could even make shadow boxes with hunting pictures and smaller hunting trophies, like feathers, arrows or spent shells. See what your kids like, and let them make the final decision.

Let your Home Reflect your Hobbies

Millions of people enjoy hunting as a pastime every year, and everybody should have a place at home that reflects their spirit. Help your kids show off their favorite pastime with camo bedding and décor.

Tony Brobst is the president of The Camo Shop, which specializes in everything camouflage, from clothes and accessories to home furnishings and décor. Visit them online at to get started today on finding that perfect camo bedding for your kids.

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