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Coastal Cottage Decorating Ideas
by Veronica Smith

Using a coastal cottage decorating theme in one or more rooms within your home is a great way of adding a comfortable, casual and attractive look. This style of decorating has a simple and homey feel to it, accentuated by nautical and beach-related decorating touches for added style. Whether your home is really a coastal cottage, or you are just trying to add a natural touch to your home in the city, you'll want to focus on nature themes. Choosing colors that are reminiscent of the sea and the beach will add a very relaxing touch to the room.

Less is More

The coastal cottage style of decorating is generally most effective when room clutter is kept to a minimum. Focus on creating clean lines that will add to the room's serene appearance. First, give the room a good cleaning. Once you've remove everything that is obviously clutter, take a good look at the decorating pieces that are already in the room. In most cases, you'll want to remove some of the furniture pieces and a good majority of the decorating accents. In some cases, you'll be replacing these accents with beach or nautically themed pieces. But you'll want to add these pieces with a good deal of restraint, since fewer accessories will actually create the most successful look.

Choosing a Coastal Cottage Color Palette

In most cases, you'll want to stick with sea-inspired colors such as blue, green, beige and cream. Pastel shades in shell-like colors also work well, such as light pink and coral, especially when they are used as accent colors. Although many people feel that neutral walls work best with this style of decorating, you can actually achieve stylish results by using color on the wall. For example, light blue or teal green walls will look fresh and delightful when combined with white painted woodwork trim. Bead board and clapboard can also be used to great advantage when decorating the walls. Use either of these on the lower portion of the walls, add trim, and paint the wall above it in a coordinating color for a nautical look.

Charming Window Treatments

A simple style of window treatment is usually the most effective approach. Natural or white wide slat wooden blinds are an attractive and versatile choice. Roll-down reed blinds can also add a decorative look. If you prefer curtains, keep them rather light. Sheers, window toppers or other airy window treatments will provide a bit of privacy without blocking too much natural sunlight.

Decorating the Floors

Wood floors, whether they are left natural or painted, are the perfect choice for a coastal cottage. You can also use throw rugs in natural shades to add a bit of warmth and design. Sisal or other natural fiber area rugs usually work best. Tile floors, especially if they are in a light natural shade, can also add a touch of charm to this style of decorating.

Great Coastal Cottage Furniture Choices

Simple furniture styles will add the perfect touch to your coastal cottage room. Choose furniture pieces that have a "vacation" look to them, such as painted furniture, a light colored sofa, wicker furniture pieces, and even Adirondack furniture. If your existing furniture is too dark, you can use light-colored slipcovers to achieve the desired look. Accessorize the room with a vase of fresh daisies and a few beautiful shells, and you'll be all set to enjoy your new coastal cottage room.

Veronica Smith with has developed an interest in expanding the use of metal wall art as well as contemporary abstract wall art.

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