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Creative Ways to Decorate Windows
by Jessica Ackerman

Creative window decorating techniques can really add to the overall look of a room. Because a person's eyes are naturally drawn to windows, the way you decorate them can have a big impact on the room's overall visual style. If you are looking for creative ways to decorate windows, here are some ideas and tips to provide you with inspiration.

Simple and Yet Effective Window Treatments

If you have a window that already provides a spectacular view of the outdoor scenery, you might simply need to frame the "picture" with simple window treatments. Focus on styles that will accentuate the view without obscuring it. For example, a simple window topper often works best. By combining a window topper with mini blinds or a roller shade, you can have privacy at night while enjoying an unrestricted view of the outdoors during the daytime hours. The addition of blinds or shades can also provide you with a handy way of blocking the light when the sun becomes a bit too intense.

However, sometimes you might have a window that doesn't provide a beautiful view. If this is the case, a window treatment designed to remain primarily closed can be the perfect solution. Choose mini blinds, curtains or a shade that is sheer enough to admit light, but still opaque enough to block the view. By doing so, you'll be able to keep the curtains, shades or blind closed continually, thus blocking the unpleasant view. This is also a great technique to use when a window faces a busy street, providing much-needed privacy. You can add an even more decorative look by choosing an attractive curtain rod. Patterned shades are also a decorative way of dealing with window treatments designed to remain shut.

Decorate with Plants

Live plants are a natural when decorating windows. Not only are they beautiful window decorations, but your plants will also love the extra light they will receive. Utilize the kitchen windowsill for a small herb garden, adding beauty and a pleasant aroma to the room. As an added bonus, it will be easy to snip a few herbs whenever you are cooking. In the cold winter months, try forcing a few tulip or daffodil bulbs into bloom on the window sill. In the dining room or living room, display houseplants by placing a bench or stand under the window. This technique will provide you with much more space as compared to the windowsill itself. You could also display a hanging plant in front of a window.

Decorate for the Holidays

Adding decorative holiday touches is one of the most enjoyable ways to decorate a window. If you have a window that is highly visible from the outside of your home, use it as a holiday showcase. A small twig tree can be used throughout a variety of seasons. For example, you could decorate it with holiday ornaments in December, paper snowflakes in January, valentines in February and colorful plastic eggs during the Easter season. If you have a young child, let them decorate their bedroom window for the holiday seasons with paper cutouts, plastic cling decorations, or their own artwork. It's a great way to get a child interested in decorating and art.

Professional designer Jessica Ackerman, writes for, and specializes in decorating with restaurant wall art and kitchen wall art.

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