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6 Budget Ways to Decorate a Garden Bedroom for Your Little Girl
by Jessica Ackerman

A garden theme is an excellent choice for a little girl's bedroom. It is a classic theme that grows with a child, and unlike a character theme, the room can be impressively decorated without spending a considerable amount of money. Those on a budget can decorate a bedroom for a girl while making it inviting, relaxing, and exceptionally impressive. Decorate your little girl's bedroom with beautiful artificial flowers, easy stenciled paintings, unique lighting, and bedding accessories to fit the garden theme. Your child will feel as if she has a secret garden in her very own bedroom abode.

Paint Choices for a Garden Theme

Consider painting your little girl's bedroom a lovely shade of green, and decorate with lavender or pink highlights to match the flower theme. Pink or lavender and green are absolutely beautiful together, and walls painted a soft shade of green are ideal for a flower garden theme. The colors are complimentary, and they make a room feel comfortable, cozy, and inviting like a real outdoor garden.

Make a Garden Fence Headboard

A picket fence headboard adds a decorative touch to a girl's bedroom with a garden theme, and it is a fantastic choice for anyone on a budget. Buy a section of wood picket fencing, and trim it to fit the area behind the head of the bed. Paint the fencing white to look like a classic picket fence, and mount it to the wall at the appropriate height. Any little girl will love this unique headboard, and it will save a considerable amount of money over store-bought headboards that are not nearly as unique or decorative.

Decorate with Stenciled Flower Designs

How about adding color to a white garden fence headboard with stenciled flowers and foliage? If you are not artistically inclined, buy budget priced flower stencils, and use small pieces of ordinary sponge or rags to dab on the paint. Use various shades of the same color to add depth and realism to the blooms, and add the veins of the leaves by hand with a fine-tip craft brush. The same theme can travel from the bed to a wall and around the bedroom if desired. Use your imagination and sense of unique creativity to design a girl's garden bedroom on a budget. Your little girl will be thrilled!

Decorate with Craft Foam Cutouts

Flowers made with craft foam make fantastic wall and door décor for a little girl's bedroom. Craft foam sheets are available in various thicknesses and colors, and it is an ideal craft material to decorate a garden bedroom on budget. Each sheet is less than one dollar, and a number of designs can be made with just a few sheets.

Use budget stencils to create flowers, butterflies, ladybugs, and anything else related to gardening, or draw the shapes you want before cutting them out and gluing them together with thick clear-drying craft adhesive. Glue on plastic craft eyes, sequins, faux gems, or anything else that catches your eye. Layer the various shapes and colors to make unique and original works of art, and attach them to doors, bedrails, headboards, and walls using double-sided tape.

Decorate with an Easy Flower Bloom Pillow

If you want a giant flower pillow to decorate your little girl's garden bedroom on a budget, you can easily make one using several inexpensive round throw pillows. Purchase a round yellow pillow for the center, and enough round pillows in colors of your choice to create the petals. In addition, purchase strips of Velcro to attach to the pillows to the center for an extra-large flower. With Velcro strips, the pillows can be used separately or together as unique budget bedroom décor with a garden theme.

Hanging Flowers and Lights on a Budget

Light up your little girl's garden bedroom with strings of cool white lights wrapped in artificial flowers and hanging vines. Artificial wisteria in pink or lavender are perfect for this decorating project. Simply attach the flowers to the strings of lights with narrow-gauge wire or invisible thread.

Place the lights around a window, around the headboard of your little girl's bed, or along the wall at the ceiling. Thumbtacks work well for attaching the lights and flowers to drywall. This budget display will create an impressive glow, and it is sure to be the most unique form of lighting in your little girl's bedroom.

Use your imagination and individual sense of creativity to come up with many other budget designs and décor to help decorate your little girl's garden bedroom on a budget. You will be surprised by what you can do without hiring a professional. Your little girl's bedroom will be the garden of her dreams!

Jessica Ackerman and is an expert contributing author for an unique wall art store offering variety of wrought iron wall art, wall clocks and wall candle sconces.

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