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Ideas for Kid's Bedroom Paint Colors and Designs
by Alyssa Davis

Changing wall colors with a fresh coat or two of paint is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to completely change the look of a kid's bedroom. Paint can make a dark room brighter and a small room appear larger, and it also can greatly affect mood. Besides selecting the right colors for a kid's bedroom, it is important to add special touches and unique designs. Personalization, patterns, and fresh new colors can transform a kid's bedroom into a fun and stylish space they are sure to love. Best of all, painting a kid's bedroom and adding a few fun embellishments and designs without the help of a professional can save hundreds of dollars. Consider the following tips for using colors, patterns, and designs, and give your little girl or boy a colorful bedroom with a unique and stylish designer touch.

Selecting Bedroom Wall Colors

Kids know exactly what they want when helping parents paint and decorate their bedrooms, and parents should include their kids when selecting paint colors and designs. Consider allowing your kids to help select colors when preparing to paint their bedroom walls. If they choose colors that are far too bright or too dark for your liking, go with a lighter shade of the same color, and incorporate the color they chose into fun and stylish bedroom accents. This is a great way to keep the kids happy and include them in choosing bedroom paint and accessory colors.

Design Inspiration and Creative Painting Tips

When searching for ways to add unique designs to a kid's bedroom, look around the room and consider his or her toys and other belongings. Select a favorite stuffed animal, book, or toy, and use it as inspiration for adding hand-painted wall designs. You do not have to hire a professional to paint wall mural and designs on a kid's bedroom wall, and you do not have to be an artist to do the job. Simply trace the outlines of designs on a large sheet of tracing paper, and create a work of wall art using samples of latex paint.

Visit your local home improvement store or paint retailer, and look for small sample jars of latex wall paint. You will find a rainbow of colors, and samples are just the right size for creating hand-painted wall designs. If you are unsure of your painting skills, practice on a poster board before applying designs to walls. With a little tracing paper and a lot of imagination you can add a whimsical mural or painted designs that your kids are sure to love.

Keep in mind that painted murals and designs in a child's bedroom should be viewed from their height. Painted murals and wall designs in a kid's bedroom are intended for their benefit. Get down on your kid's level and view the bedroom at his or her height. The center of the design you intend to paint should be approximately six inches above the child's eyelevel to make the greatest impact.

Personalize with Paint

If painting murals or designs are beyond your scope of decorating, consider personalizing your kid's bedroom with painted monograms. Kids of all ages want to feel that their bedroom is their personal space, and painting a kid's first name or initials on a bare wall gives them a feeling of pride and ownership. Use stencils to create a uniform appearance, and select colors that will standout against the background color. Add dimension to the initials with peel and stick craft foam designs or flat-back faux jewels and gems.

When painting your kid's bedroom and personalizing his or her space with graphics and designs, do not be afraid to step outside of the box and try something new. Kids are generally easy to please when adding color and unique painted designs to their bedrooms, and when they are included in making choices they will feel that their input matters. Delve into your child's creative side, and take his or her advice when painting and personalizing their favorite indoor space.

Award-winning writer Alyssa Davis is the senior staff writer for, and she specializes in decorating with wall art metal and music metal wall art.

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