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Creative Ideas to Make a Kitchen Island
by Jessica Ackerman

Adding a kitchen island can be a great way of enhancing the efficiency of your kitchen. An island can give you more working area in the kitchen by adding extra countertop space. You could also design an island that includes even more useful features, such as adding a food preparation sink or a breakfast bar area. Here are some creative ideas to make a kitchen island that should help get your imagination flowing.

Planning Your Kitchen Island Design

Planning and building a kitchen island is usually within the skill set of the average homeowner, as long as you possess a few basic carpentry skills. However, if you plan to add any features that require plumbing or new electrical lines, such as would be the case if you wanted to add a sink or a stove top, then you would probably be better off to enlist the help of a plumber or electrician that specializes in kitchen remodeling. You could always hire a contractor like to install a custom-built island to perfectly suit your needs. However, you can also add a kitchen island yourself for less money, as long as you take advantage of pre-manufactured cabinetry. Once you decide on the size and location of the island, you can shop for base cabinets that will suit your design, which will also add more storage to your kitchen.

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Decorating Kitchen Islands

Once you've decided on an overall design for your kitchen island and installed the basic structure, it's almost time to think about decorating it. But first, you'll need to decide on a countertop. Popular choices include granite, concrete or laminates that match the other countertops in the kitchen. A wooden butcher block top could also be a good choice. However, if you want to install a countertop that will add a lot of color and appeal, you might want to consider a ceramic or glass tile top. Other decor for kitchen islands that can work well include adding a pan or wine glass rack over the counter space, or installing the countertop with an overhang so that you can push a couple of bar stools under the edge and utilize the island as an impromptu breakfast or lunch bar. You might even want to consider adding a full set of upper kitchen cabinets over top of your new island, to add even more storage space. If you plan to utilize the island countertop for cooking, upper cabinets can greatly reduce the amount of foot traffic in your kitchen. Simply use the upper cabinets for pans and utensils that you will need when working at the island, and you won't have to walk to the other side of the room when cooking to retrieve them.

Touches of Decor for Kitchen Islands

There are plenty of small added touches you can add to your new island to make it more attractive and useful. You can add functional pieces such as a canister set, or add a splash of color with a bouquet of fresh flowers. However you decide to decorate it, you're sure to enjoy using your newfound kitchen space.

Jessica Ackerman is a freelance writer and works for She shares her wealth of knowledge on tree wall art decor and tropical wall decorations.

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