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Creative Loft Bed Ideas for Children's Rooms
by Jessica Ackerman

A loft bed can be a great addition to a child's bedroom. They can be used to increase the overall amount of space within the room, and can add a fun as well as functional touch. Children generally love the idea of having a loft bed in their room while you'll love how it helps you better utilize the floor space. You can use these creative loft bed ideas to add unique appeal to any child's bedroom.

Princess Bedroom

A loft bed can be a great decorating addition when designing princess bedrooms for girls. The height of the loft bed can simulate a castle tower, which can greatly add to the overall appeal of the room. There are also many ways to decorate a loft bed in a "princess" fashion, such as draping swathes of fabric over the bed or by decorating the supports with silk flower vines. Be sure to use bedding that is fitting for a princess, such as a satin comforter or pink and royal purple sheets. Add plenty of decorative pillows as a final royal touch.

Jungle Bedroom Adventures

A jungle themed kid's room is always a popular choice. A loft bed can work well with this decorating theme, especially if you choose one in a rustic wood finish. Paint the wall behind the bed in a dark jungle green shade, or choose wallpaper with a jungle leaf pattern. Then decorate the bed so that it looks like a jungle lookout tower. Khaki or camouflage print sheets will work well, especially when combined with a comforter than be snapped along the edges to form a sleeping bag. Wrap a silk vine plant with large leaves up one or more of the supports to add a realistic jungle touch.

Loft Beds for "Tweens" and Teens

If your child is a bit older, a loft bed can be used to add a sophisticated and grown-up look to their bedroom. Focus on creating a room that provides plenty of living space, since children in this age group use their bedroom for studying, listening to music and hanging out with friends just as much as they do for sleeping. A loft bed can add a lot of functional floor space to a room.

Choose a bed style that will allow you to create a study area under the bed, or add a small loveseat or a couple of comfortable chairs to provide seating for your child and friends. Some loft bed styles even include hidden storage, such as a wardrobe closet, drawers or a bookcase. A loft bed with clean lines and contemporary styling often works best when decorating a teen's bedroom. White or black beds can be especially useful, as they blend will with almost any decorating theme. If two children share a room, you can also tuck a second bed under the loft area to maximize the room's space. A double bed loft can even be appealing to a teen who doesn't share a room, since it will provide extra space to relax while also providing sleeping space for when friends stay over.

Professional designer Jessica Ackerman, writes for, and specializes in decorating with outdoor wall clocks and metal tree art.

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