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Ways to Decorate a Living Room with Mirrors
by Alyssa Davis

Mirrors are often overlooked when wall décor and other accessories are selected for the living room. They are in fact terrific accents that can be placed in various areas and in different arrangements in the room. Because they vary widely in price and come in all kinds of sizes, shapes, and designs, mirrors are ideal for any budget and any decorating style.

You can choose to have a single mirror in your living room, or a few artistically arranged. You can decorate the room such that the mirrors are the star attraction, or blended into the background. Mirrors can also be used to heighten the formality of the living room, or add an element of casualness and whimsy to the space.

As a focal point in the room:

A well-chosen mirror can be a stunning focal point in your living room. Typically placed above the sofa and centered horizontally on the wall, it catches one’s eye instantly. It is important to choose a design that fits with the style of your home. For instance, a round mirror with a wrought iron frame in a scroll and leaf design is perfect for a Tuscan-styled living room. A large, stately, rectangular mirror in an ornate gilded frame fits well with a Victorian décor.

Arranged in a collage:

If you have a group of pictures arranged on your living room wall, substitute a small mirror for one of the frames. This will add a touch of interest and brightness to the arrangement. Or, if you are tired of pictures, create a collage of mirrors. Visit a few home décor stores and thrift shops and you can accumulate a collection of mirrors, each unique in style. You may also find a set of unframed mirrors which you can arrange in a grid or other creative shape.

Leaned against a wall:

A large floor mirror leaned against the wall next to a low table or shelf makes a big impact in the once unoccupied space. Reflecting a large portion of the room, it opens up the space and makes it inviting. Placing a smaller mirror on a wall shelf or on the surface of a low table and leaning it against the wall is another idea. As opposed to hanging the mirror, leaning comes across as simple and casual in style.

Reflecting a feature:

You probably have a feature of the living room that you are particularly fond of, be it a favorite framed photograph, or an architectural detail of the room. Use a well-placed mirror to draw attention to it and provide a different view of these elements. If you have a window with a great view, hang a mirror on the opposite wall to more fully enjoy the outdoor scene.

Paneled along the walls:

Covering a wall with mirrored panels instantly makes the room feel larger and brighter. Paneling one or more walls also adds elegance to the space. Choose frames for the mirrors that match the furnishings in your living room. You can find frames in antique wood, silver finish, beveled glass, and many other materials and designs.

Alyssa Davis, writes exclusively about contemporary decor for, and specifically about designing with tree metal wall sculpture and jazz metal wall art.

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