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Turning an Old Sofa Into a New Focal Piece
by Jürgen Heidenreich

Are you stuck with a dreary old sofa that has not aged very gracefully? Before you go hauling it to the dumpster or start planning a yard sale, stop and consider the ways in which you can spruce it up and turn it into the new center of attention in your room.

After all, buying a new couch can be somewhat tough on the wallet. Even for a low-quality sofa, you can expect to shell out several hundred dollars. Rather than give up on your old couch, think about the ways in which you can bring it back to life.

The most obvious method—and the one people try most often—is using a slipcover. These sheets of fabric are cut to fit the shape of the couch, and are very convenient for a number of reasons. First and foremost, slipcovers afford you the ability to change the color or design of your couch at will. You could invest in several different slipcovers and change them out anytime you are in the mood for something new. Second, slipcovers are perfect for covering up stains, spots, or otherwise just shielding the actual appearance of your couch. Even if your sofa is still comfortable, chances are it may be a bit threadbare in places, have tears, or just simply be out of style. By using a slipcover, you can make your couch look brand new. There are plenty of styles to choose from, whether you are looking for solids, stripes, or other intricate designs. Try using a flannel slipcover during those cold winter months for a cozy sofa, then switch it out for some lightweight cotton in the summer. Slipcovers are quite easy to come by, and are available at most home accessory retailers.

If you are satisfied with the look of your couch and don't want to hide it with a slipcover, there still ways to give it a little TLC. Sofa pillows can be a great way to accent your couch and give it some fresh visual appeal. Pillows are some of the most varied accessories out there, so you can scour the stores until you find just the right design. Furthermore, you could supplement the pillows with a throw or other type of quilt or blanket. Many home retailers will sell throws and pillows in matching bundles, making the process a bit easier. If you are handy with a needle, you could always make your own pillows or blankets, too. The best part about using accessories like these to spruce up your sofa is that they are very affordable.

If you are looking to give your sofa a real makeover, there are some things you can do to give it a “facelift,” so to speak. If your sofa has visible feet, you could replace them with something new or catchy. Often times, sofa feet simply screw off. If you are a handyman, you could fabricate your own new sofa feet, or you could just check out furniture or home improvement stores for replacements. If you aren't ready to give up on the feet just yet, try removing them and giving them a fresh coat of paint or a stain. Adding buttons to your couch can definitely change its look, and doing so is not as challenging as you may think. Just be sure that the buttons are evenly spaced.

Putting a little work into your old sofa can give it new life and make it the focal point of your room. It is definitely worth your time (and money) to rehabilitate your couch before you kick it to the curb.

This guest post was written by Jürgen Heidenreich, who owns a German website about sofas. His website provides helpful information on most all types of sofas, including extra large traditional sofas and large classy sectional sofas (which in German are referred to as extra große Big Sofa oder Megasofa and große schicke Wohnlandschaft).

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