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How to Rearrange Your Bedroom
by Alyssa Davis

Rearranging your bedroom can give the room a whole new mood. Without buying anything new, simply rearranging the furniture and decorating items can allow you to create a new look for your bedroom. You can also add a few new pieces to add new functionality to the bedroom, such as a small reading area or work space. The secret to keep in mind as you rearrange your bedroom is to utilize the space wisely.

Measure the Room and the Furniture

It won't do any good to come up with new furniture arrangements if the pieces simply won't fit where you envision placing them. Before embarking on a bedroom rearrangement project, first take some simple measurements. Measure all pieces of furniture, as well as the length of the walls themselves. It is also a good idea to make note of any special measurements, such as the height of the wall beneath windows, or the distance between the corner of a wall and a window. Also make note of the placement of any unmovable features such as heating ducts, registers, light switches and electrical outlets. Knowing all of these measurements in advance will save time and avoid the problem of moving heavy furniture only to find out that the piece will not fit.

Use Paper for the Initial Plan

Once you have your measurements, use a piece of graph paper to represent your room. An "inch to a foot" scale often works out well for this type of exercise. Cut out footprint profile shapes of your furniture pieces so that you can arrange them on the paper representation of your bedroom. This can help you see how furniture pieces will fit, and will allow you to easily make sure that enough space is being factored in for walkways. All walkways within a room should be a minimum of eighteen inches wide to avoid a cramped feeling.

By using a paper representation of the room, you can experiment with adding other furniture pieces to the room, even if you don't currently own the furniture pieces. For example, if you want to add a reading corner or a small home desk area, measure the furniture pieces at the store, and then create paper cutouts of them as well. Once you have created the perfect bedroom layout on paper, you will be ready to rearrange your existing furniture and purchase any additional items that you need.

Ideas for Effective Bedroom Furniture Arrangement

Keep usability in mind when arranging your bedroom furniture. For instance, place the bed so that it doesn't restrict traffic to commonly accessed areas such as the closet or the door to the room. Furniture with doors and drawers should have ample space for opening. Positioning a chest of drawers used for clothing items in close proximity to the bedroom closet will make it more convenient to get dressed in the morning. If you share the bedroom with a partner, be sure to arrange often-used furniture pieces so that they are handy for both people. If you are adding a small sitting or reading area to the room, position it so that it will not be distracting if the other person is in bed.

Once the furniture is efficiently arranged, add lighting, artwork and other decorative touches as desired to tie the entire room together.

This article was written by Alyssa Davis of who specializes in creating uniquely stylish interiors with abstract wall art and tropical wall hangings.

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