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Decorating a Romantic Master Bedroom
by Joey Pebble

The bedroom is about more than just sleeping and serenity. It is also the boudoir of love, a nest where you and that special someone can cuddle up and share in intimacy and mutual respect. A place of passion, a realm of desire, it’s a room designed for caring embraces and gentle kisses. However, if you aren’t decorating that way, chances are your own bedroom is a bit of a bore, desperately in need of a few fiery touches to ignite the flames of amour.

Color is probably the most important aspect when trying to put the passion back in a room. Various hues and tones will ignite a variety of emotions in people. Once you understand how this works, you can add subtle layers of meaning to the backdrop of the space, working on a higher level of complexity to evoke the emotions you desire.

Red is of course the most passionate color. The tone of choice for Valentine's Day, as well as any properly clichéd romantic endeavor, red actually causes a physiological effect in people. Those exposed to red tones tend to become more excited, they have more energy, their hearts beat a little faster, and their metabolism works a little quicker. Even though these are all very subtle effects in the real world, with some people reacting less than others, they are still general trends, and as such you should never underestimate the use of red when trying to put a little passion back in the bedroom.

The problem is that while red does make you feel more passionate, and full of life, it can also make you feel angrier, and prone to conflict. If you are having troubles with too much fighting, it may be necessary to tone down these colors in the room. It’s certainly not a cure all for relationship problems, but it will make the atmosphere of the space seem a little less volatile.

The best way to use red tones is in subtle accents throughout the space. Red candles are a great way to mix heat with color to inspire romance. Pillows are another option. In extreme cases red sheets can be used, although you might find it hard to get comfortable at night surrounded in the intensity of crimson covers.

Other colors will have less romantic symbolism, but will still have varying effects. Earth tones make people feel more comfortable, blues and greens tend to make people feel calm, and black can be morose and depressing. Try to find a mix that works for you in the various furnishings you choose.

When choosing bedroom furniture, the bed will of course be the focal point of your romantic master bedroom. The bigger the bed, the more room you have to stretch out. The smaller the bed, the more intimate it is. This is of course mitigated by the number of blankets, pillows, and other items you may find on top of the mattress. Here you have to find a happy balance between space and comfort, in order to achieve the perfect setup.

Ambient lighting is another great option for making a bedroom a little more romantic. A few dimmer, ambient lights will cast a soft shadow across the surface of the space. Candles will flicker like little dancers, casting shadows that will make the room seem to come to life. In general, being able to suffuse the room with cooler, gentler lighting options will help to create an intimate atmosphere within this space.

In order to create a romantic master bedroom you have to try and balance energy with comfort. Red tones should be used strategically to ignite passion, while dim, cool lighting can cast an intimate glow over the proceedings. By coordinating the elements within this room in a proper and clever way, you can achieve a space which will fan the flames of love.

This article was written courtesy of PebbleZ.

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