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Teen Bedroom Makeover
by Lisa Herbik

The tween and teen years are a time when young girls are always looking for interesting ways to express themselves. Some go to great lengths with funky clothes, makeup, and musical choices that leave us parents scratching our heads. Some may even try the latest hairdos, or even tattoos and body piercings. While itís important to support their budding individuality, sometimes a bedroom makeover can be a great bargaining tool to help parents assuage or at least delay some of the more radical changes a young girl may yearn for but agree to put off, at least for awhile!

Your daughter will love the idea of creating a place for her to hang out with her friends. Giving her room a theme of its own is a popular idea, and the bedroom makeover wonít cost you a fortune.

The theme can be anything she thinks is cool, and this can range from cows to castles! For simplicity sake, this article will use Hawaii as the theme. First, help her find the perfect Wall Mural, complete with palm trees, sandy beach, and tropical sea. Prepare the designated wall and install the Wall Mural on a lazy Saturday afternoon. Donít forget to enlist the help of your daughter and her friends. Youíre sure to have a memorable experience, and the results will delight your girl.

Use the Wall Mural as the bedroomís focal point. Use smaller accent to develop the theme and accessorize. You can head straight to your own basement or attic for ideas. Donít forget to check out yard sales and even the Salvation Army for funky junk.


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Great old furniture pieces can be revamped for the cause. Wicker chairs and end tables are traditionally ďbeachyĒ. Spray paint the furniture white to freshen it up. You could also use actual beach chairs.

Accessorize an old mirror by hot gluing shells around the edges. Do the same to customize a hand mirror. Add shimmery bead curtains in place of regular curtains for a funky look. Hang flower leis from the corners of a headboard or drape from a lampshade. Use grass hula skirts in place of a traditional bed skirt.

If you donít already have a rug, you might try an inexpensive indoor/outdoor carpet. This kind of carpet is easy to clean up if soda or snacks get spilled. Large floor cushions or bean bag chairs are great for hanging out in. Add brightly colored, stackable milk crates for storing CDs, videos, and books. Drape fishermanís netting from the ceiling for a fun, nautical feel. Throw a few inflatable beach balls and a plastic shovel and pail in the net!

With just a few easy touches like those suggested here, you can give your daughter a room she will think is awesome. She will love her roomís new look. Now itís time to celebrate. Invite a few of her friends for a beach party sleepover.

Great job, Mom and Dad; give yourselves a pat on the back! This mission was done well and easily within your decorating budget. What to do with the leftover cash? Well, Little Brother would love an outer space-themed bedroomÖ

Lisa Herbik is a happy homemaker who loves to do her own home interior decorating. For more fun and free tips for decorating your home, check out her website,

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