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Creative Bedroom Ideas for Teen Girls
by Veronica Smith

Redecorating a room for a teenage girl can be a lot of fun for both you and your teen. Teens spend a lot of time in their bedrooms, hanging out with friends, studying and listening to music, so it's important that their bedroom reflects their personal style and fits their specific needs. Sometimes the tricky part of decorating a teenager's room is finding something that not only appeals to them now, but also finding a style that is versatile enough to grow with them as their interests change. However, there are some room ideas for teen girls that stand the test of time.

Rooms with a Theme

Although some kids get tired of a "theme" for their bedroom by the time they reach their teens, girls are often fond of sticking to a particular color theme, or creating a funky, dramatic or retro look for their bedroom. Choosing a decorating theme based on their school colors, a club or interest, or a favorite sport are also possibilities for a teenage girl's room.

Rooms with a Retro Look

Retro looks can be a lot of fun, especially since there are so many different styles to choose from. Mod looks from the 60s, including bright floral patterns, can create an attractive retro look for a teen's room. Choose bright and vibrant color combinations such as red, orange and yellow, or blue, green and yellow. Bright plastic furniture also looks great when going with a 60s theme. Decorating a teenage girl's room in an art deco style can also be quite effective. When decorating a room with an art deco theme, think of the luxurious bedrooms pictured in old movies. Add an armoire to the room, as well as a tall headboard for the bed. Flea markets and garage sales are popular places to look for old furniture, or you can create your own headboard using a piece of wood covered in padding and fabric.


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Posh Styling

Another great room idea for teen girls is to go with an overall posh and stylish look. This can be a great choice for girls who love fashion and style. Fun fabrics such as animal prints and fur fabrics can be used effectively, as can opulent fabrics such as satin, velvet and silk. Rich color combinations such as pink and purple, or deep blue or burgundy can also be used to create an elegant look. A four post bed or canopy bed also looks great in a posh bedroom, especially if the canopy is draped in strips of sheer fabrics instead of using a standard canopy cover.

Eclectic Decorating for a Teen's Room

Decorating the bedroom in an eclectic style can produce a very stylish look that can be a lot of fun. This can include the "shabby chic" style of decorating, or any style that is comprised of varied and interesting pieces that are not all part of the same theme. Old pieces of furniture which have been painted in interesting colors look great in an eclectic styled room, as do unmatched fabrics and varied accessories. Eclectic styles can have a fun modern look, or can reflect vintage styling details.

After acting as a contributing editor for, Veronica Smith, an award winning designer in her own right offers tips on displaying metal wall sculptures and contemporary metal art.

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