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Teen Bedrooms:

Decorating for Tweens
Helpful ideas for helping your tween update his or her room decor to reflect their changing tastes.

Growing Pains: How to Make the Transition from Child to Teen Bedroom
As children grow into young adults, the bedroom becomes more personal to them and needs to capture their personality and there are many little decor tricks and tips to help make this transition as smooth and stress-free as possible.

5 Quick Ways to Make Your Teenage Bedroom Look More Mature
Creative ideas for updating a teen room to have a more grown-up, mature look and feel.

3 Reasons to Let Your Teen Redecorate Their Room
Creative ideas for give your teens the tools they need to re-decorate their bedroom.

Creative Ideas for Displaying Medals
How to display hard-earned medals to add a decorative and personalized touch to your home.

How to Teach Your Child to Keep His College Dorm Room Clean
Tips for helping your teen learn how to organize his or her college dorm room and keep it that way.

Designing a Sporty Bedroom for Teen Girls
Creative ideas for decorating a teen girl's bedroom to reflect her sporty style.

How to Display Award Certificates and Medals
Lots of certificates and award medals to display? These tips from our readers will give you ideas on how to display them for everyone to enjoy.

How to Decorate a Teen’s Room for Cheap
Creative, inexpensive ideas for updating a teen's room in a weekend.

Making Your Teen’s Bedroom the Place to Be
Tips for working with your teen to help him or her decorate their room with their own distinctive style.

Dorm Decorating for New Students
Creative ideas for helping your teen decorate his or her first dorm room.

Awesome Tween Rooms Your Child Will Love
Not quite a teen, but no longer a child. Help your tween find a decorating style for his or her bedroom.

Decorative Ideas for Teen Boy Furniture
Creative ideas for looking for furniture for a teenage boy's bedroom.

Decorating a Bedroom with Cheap Teenage Furniture
Easy expert tips for decorating a teen's room with cheap furniture.

Practical and Fun Teen Room Makeover Ideas
Creative ideas for giving a teen's room a makeover to reflect his or her interests and tastes.

Decorating a Bedroom with Pink and Black Bedding
Pink and black bedding can make an excellent accent to any bedroom, whether for a teen or adult.

Boy’s Bedroom Ideas
Ideas for finding a decorating theme for a boy's bedroom.

Idea for Decorating a Teenage Boy’s Bedroom
Tips for choosing a color scheme and theme for a teenage boy's room.

Tapping into a Teen’s Personality for Decorating Ideas
Tips for helping your teen decorate their room to reflect their personality and personal style.

Creative Bedroom Ideas for Teen Girls
Creative ideas for helping your teen girl decorate her room to reflect her personal style.

Decorating with Cheap Teen Furniture
Creative ideas for finding and/or re-purposing inexpensive furniture to decorate a teen's bedroom.

Room Ideas for Teen Girls: Bedroom in Art Deco
Expert tips for decorating a teen girl's bedroom with an art deco theme.

Teen Bedroom Makeover
Tips for making over a teen girl's bedroom with a beach theme.

Teen Bedroom Decorating: Top 5 Quick Tricks
Tips for creating a room your teen will love by expressing their own style and creativity.

Dorm Decorating – Creating Style on a Budget
Creative ideas for decorating your dorm room on a budget.

Budget Ideas for Decorating a Teen's Room
Budget ideas for updating a teen's room.

Black and White Themed Teen Room Decorating Ideas
Ideas for decorating a black and white themed room for your teen.

Teen Room Decorating Ideas
Fun, easy teen room decorating ideas for any budget.

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