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Decorating a Tiki Themed Bedroom
by James R Shaw

A tiki-themed bedroom is a great choice for girls, boys, or couples. Everyone loves an island getaway. A themed bedroom is a beautiful and relaxing place to hang out. Tiki décor goes great with other island or beach-themed decorations. Focus on bright tropical colors and beach-style details, and you'll feel like you are living in a hut.

Begin by transforming the furniture. You can use a surfboard as the headboard and decorate the rest of the furniture with style. Be resourceful and creative, and repaint your furniture in tropical colors. Inspired by a tropical bar, this décor should use lots of bamboo and grass. Bamboo reeds can even be glued right to the furniture. A wooden chest covered in bamboo makes the perfect accent piece at the foot of your bed. You can use the techniques of building a tiki bar to transform your closet doors with the same effect. Finish your bed with a tropical bedspread, and use a grass skirt under the bed frame. You can paint the walls in tropical shades of blue or green, or hang tropical wallpaper. You can also cover your walls in bamboo, grass skirts, or a rough cloth texture. Bamboo window shades will add a realistic 'tiki hut' touch.

Be creative and have fun when decorating your tiki-themed bedroom! This is one of the most fun bedroom styles to shop for. Every time you enter your newly decorated bedroom, you'll feel like you are in a tropical oasis. It's like being on vacation every day! The tiki style you use in your room should involve lots of natural textures and bright colors.

Once you have the basics chosen, you'll need accents to really create the theme of the room. Because of the popularity of tiki-themed décor, many different items are available to help you decorate your room with style. All of these decorations together are what makes or breaks your tiki bedroom's style. Creating your themed oasis can include as much or as little as you want. Even just a few tiki decorations can bring the unique style into your room. In fact, a few well-chosen decorations may keep the room from feeling too crowded, especially if you have a small bedroom.

A well-decorated tiki room may include oversized hibiscus flowers and tropical floral prints, tropical-style signs, and seashells. Hula girls and leis will add a bit of Hawaii to your room. Don't forget masks on the wall, or a statue standing in the corner. Bring torches inside, but do not light them. You can also use tiki mugs and moai head statues. Carvings can be used on the walls or on top of your dresser and nightstand. These decorations come in many different styles, so you can fit them into even small bedrooms. A few well-chosen statues can capture the exotic culture. This atmosphere is fun and inviting, making your bedroom the most relaxing room in your home.

Royal Tiki specializes in genuine Hawaiian-made Tiki masks and headboards that will be perfect for your Tiki themed bedroom.

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