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Tuscan Colors and Paint Ideas
by Sara Gilmore

Tuscan paint colors are rich but still have a sense of history. The distressed look keeps the room from being too vibrant. This style uses warm colors that are great for an entryway to welcome people into your home. You might even want to use this type of decorating in a kitchen or dining room so that it will help stimulate appetite.

Tuscany decor often focuses on reds and yellows. This might remind you of a fast food restaurant or simply be too much color for a small space. Alleviate this by switching up which tones of red and yellow you use. You might want to stick with a taupe wall color that has just a hint or yellow to it. Then you can bring in warm terra cotta accessories or floor tiles.

Tuscan colors can still be subtle depending on the materials that you choose. If you are afraid of a deep wall color then bring in rich leather to the space. The leather should have a cordovan or red undertone to it. This will read as a neutral because leather is seen often, but it adds richness to the space. You'll also need a metallic color for your room. This will appear on light fixtures, frames and drawer handles. Keep the metallic warm and rich by going with a gold or oil rubbed bronze color. You can antique the gold or use gold leaf for a traditional element to the room.

If the reds and golds are too much for you then bring in more subtle taupes and greens. You'll need to vary the texture of these colors so they are still interesting. You can even stain the trim in your room with a tone that has just a touch of olive green to it. Use bronze as your main metallic color and drive home the theme with rich carved wood and opulent silks with tassel trims. You'll need to go over the top with nail head accents and plush tone on tone rugs so your neutral space is still in keeping with the theme while remaining interesting at the same time.

Tuscan kitchen decor often focuses on wood tones. These elements in the room should be vibrant so use mahogany or a deep stain that will really make any wood in the room pop. Balance it with iron accessories. This adds curved lines to the room but also gives you the opportunity to add just a touch of black into the space. This will tie in with granite countertops or black appliances for a cohesive look that appears effortless.

Italian kitchen accessories should be natural. This might mean brining in moss topiary or basing your room around the colors of slate. Slate stone and tile has a variety of grays and oranges. You can even stick with neutral wall and cabinet colors and let the slate bring vibrancy into your space. Accent with a vase of brightly colored sunflowers that will pop in your space.

Tuscan style decor creates a welcoming space where you'll want to spend hours talking with family and friends or creating a large dinner. Tuscan paint colors make your home somewhat traditional but still have a unique flair to them.

To learn much more about different paint schemes, and Tuscan Kitchen Colors visit Interior Decorating Colors. You'll find this and much more, including the best Tuscan Paint Colors to use.

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