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Great Ways to Display Old Wooden Tool Boxes
by Alyssa Davis

Old wooden tool boxes have plenty of charm and character and can be a great addition to your home's overall decor. Perhaps you have some old antique toolboxes that previously belonged to one of your family members, such as your father or grandfather. Or maybe you have a great tool box that you found at a neighborhood garage sale. Either way, you can utilize them in your decorating scheme to add a touch of nostalgia. In fact, these boxes are so useful that you may even find a functional way to utilize them in one of your rooms. Read on for some great ways to display old wooden tool boxes in your home.

Back to Basics

What better way to use an old tool box than to utilize it for your own tools? Old wooden toolboxes were usually finely crafted for durability, so chances are the one you have is still fully serviceable. Of course, the difference between using an old tool box and the garish plastic kind you find today at home supply centers is appearance. Instead of feeling the need to hide your toolbox in a cabinet or on a basement shelf, you'll be able to store it in full view as a room decoration. Not only will this add a touch of charm to your room, but it will also provide you a way to keep your tools handy and well-organized.

Tool Boxes in the Kitchen

If you have your kitchen decorated in a rustic fashion, an old wooden toolbox might look right at home. Try displaying it on the kitchen counter or the island work top, filling it with silverware, a set of carving knives or even a spice jar collection. The small compartments and drawers that are common features in old wooden tool boxes can make them perfect for organizing small kitchen gadgets. You'll be able to enjoy the toolbox's great antique look while adding more storage space to your kitchen at the same time.

Using a Tool Box for Jewelry

Because of all the drawers and compartments, an old wooden tool box can be easily transformed into a jewelry box. This can look especially nice in a rustic styled bedroom, or use it to add a bit of eclectic charm. If desired, you could even line the drawers and compartments with velvet to provide added protection for your jewelry. This method of lining the drawers also works well if the interior of the tool box has seen quite a bit of wear over the years. If the tool box doesn't have any particular antique value, you might even want to paint it to add extra visual interest. If you have artistic talents, you could even paint designs on the outside of the box, or use stencils and paint to give it an interesting border design. An old wooden tool box can also be quite appropriate for a man's bedroom, serving as a place to store cuff links, tie tacks and other small accessories.

Alyssa Davis is a staff writer and decorating specialist with and she offers stylish suggestions for decorating with decorative metal art and seabirds metal sculptures.

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