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Easy and Cheap Storage Ideas for Kids Rooms
by Kathy Wilson, The Budget Decorator

Finding places for all your kids stuff…one of the biggest dilemmas we face when trying to decorate our kids rooms! After all, the most creative kids room in the world will be lost if you can’t see the forest for the trees, so to speak! Here are some super cheap ways to store all that stuff your kids must have!

Baby Wipe Tubs - Great for keeping hot wheels, Barbie shoes, and those little pieces to those games! They snap shut tightly, and you can cover them with contact paper if you wish to make them more attractive.

Make your own cube unit! Every cube storage unit I have ever bought has fallen apart right when it was at its fullest, but you can make a sturdier version just about free! Keep your eye out for sturdy cardboard boxes, corrugated ones are best. You could ask an appliance store if they could save the microwave and small appliance boxes for you. You have to ask in advance, because most stores flatten the boxes for recycling. Use a glue gun and attach the boxes together in a stacked form. Be sure to put them together in the space you will be using them. You can make the unit as large or as small as you want. Put inside the closet and use to organize socks, shoes, or clothing, or cover it in contact paper and use for toys and books. Keep heavier items in the lower cubes.

Drawstring Bags - make them from scrap fabric and some ribbon or twine…these are great for bulky items, laundry, stuffed animals or extra sheets and blankets. Place hooks inside the closet to hang them from. Make sure the hooks are placed in studs or wall anchors.

Old Drawers - Got an old dresser that’s falling apart? Keep the drawers and use them as under bed storage. You can even put little swivel wheels on the bottom corners to make pulling them in and out easier. Use to store art and craft supplies, books, or out of season clothes.

Finally, don’t forget to check out the storage helpers at your local dollar store. Plastic storage trays, bins and baskets can be used to keep everything from art supplies to socks and underware in order. Group like toys together, and remember if you label what goes where, your kids will have no excuses for not putting the toys away the right way, the first time! And now you can get started on that fantasy room, since you can actually see the floor!

Kathy Wilson is an author, columnist, and editor of The Budget Decorator, Decorating Your Small Space, and Decorating Cottage Style. For hundreds of free home decorating ideas, visit her now at Don’t forget to sign up for her free newsletter while your there!

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