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Crafty Ways to Dress Your Drawers
by Joey Pebble

Drawers are inherently organizational, whether they are recessed in a counter, or standing free against a wall, they are designed to help you keep a space neat and tidy. But they can have another function as well. If you look at them with a creative eye, you will start to see all sorts of crafty projects which can help you to customize the look and beauty of these organizing accessories.

A plain, unfinished set of free standing drawers will give you the most options. These can be painted with acrylic or spray paint, or stained to allow the grain of the wood to show through. Deep rich colors will create a dramatic spectacle while softer pastels will have a more airy feeling. Use washed out paints to create a soft hazy glow that will alight gently upon the set of drawers. For a futuristic look, try metallic spray. And if your feeling really creative, try painting alternative drawers in different complimentary colors, matched against a subdued backdrop hue for the frame of the piece.

If painting isnít an option because your drawers are already treated, then you can always consider decorative cloth and felt pieces. These can be adhered to the flat front of doors, and lined along the walls and top, to completely make over the look of the piece. Using different colored fabrics to line the inside of the drawers can also create an interesting contrasted look. You can choose from animal prints, stripes, florals, or a variety of different patterns to drastically alter the look of the piece.

A more whimsical way to apply this technique is to coat the drawers in festively bright wrapping paper. This is an especially popular treatment in childrenís rooms. The frame of the piece should, if possible, be painted to a tone which will match the background of the wrapping paper coating.

Since drawers are generally flat another option you have is decoupage. Find curious pictures in magazines, cut sections out of old maps, or glue old postcards to the surface of the drawers. You can even get creative and find pictures in magazines that describe what the drawer is holding, fancy garden scenes for a yard tool container or a make up add to indicate a cosmetics drawer. A few coats of lacquer and the various assembled pieces should start to take on a consistent look.

Knobs, handles, and pulls are also a great way to customize a set of drawers. If there is already a pulling device installed, it can either be exchanged out for a new one or painted and decorated to give the old one a new look. Be certain that you remove the handle piece before working on it to ensure that you donít mess up the surrounding drawer.

You can also take a dimensional route and try gluing a variety of decorative pieces to the drawer. Rhinestones, glass beads, or wooden chips can all create borders along edges, or patterns which will stretch across the face of the drawers. You can even make your own decorative motifs using plaster of paris and a rubber mold.

There are a lot of creative things you can do with your drawers when you simply open your eyes to the decorative possibilities. A little imagination, and some crafty know how can set you on a path to a variety of projects which will help you to customize your home more and more.

This article sponsored by PebbleZ on behalf of their line of large kitchen tables which are hand crafted from real pieces of natural mosaic stone. The article itself was written by stone specialist Joey Pebble.

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