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Tip for Organizing Sheets in the Linen Closet

I was flipping through the channels on tv the other day and stumbled on an episode of The Talk. I don't normally watch that show, but they were featuring a good organizing segment, so it caught my attention.

Their guest was talking about organizing the linen closet. It's easy for all of your sheets and pillow cases to get separated and have them end up all over the linen closet. Especially if you have several sizes of sheets, it can be hard to find matching sheets and pillow cases.

folded sheets

I love the idea they suggested. They said to place the folded sheets inside one of the pillow cases that goes with that set. That's genius! I can't believe I never thought of it before.

If you have young children, using this idea will help your child make his or her own bed. All they have to do is grab their pillow case out of the linen closet.

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