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Home Office:

Making the Most out of Your Home Office Space
How to create an office space out of whatever extra space you can find in your home.

5 Things You Haven't Thought Of That Keep Your Office Organized
Five creative ways to clear up the clutter in your office to get more done and make your workday easier.

Like Charity, Productivity Begins at Home
Creative decorating and organizing ideas to help turn your home office into a productive work space.

10 Essential Tips for Home Office Organization
Organizational tips to help you turn your home office into your dream office.

3 Clever Ways to Decorate Your Office with Wall Vases
Here are some fun, creative ways to decorate your home office with wall vases.

3 Ways to Create a Home Office Using Dividers
Creative ways to create a home office in your home with the use of dividers.

Crafting a Clever Corrugated Container
Corrugated containers are easy to make and great for storing and organizing desk clutter.

7 Tips to Help You Get More Creative With an Ergonomic Office Desk Area
Tips for making your time in your home office more comfortable as well as more productive.

Reduce Clutter - Surefire Ways to Handle Junk Mail in Minutes
Tips for sorting through, organizing, and throwing away junk mail.

Get Creative With Your Home Office
Tips for finding a suitable place in your home for setting up your home office.

Color Your Way to Organization
How to set up color coded systems to organize your home.

Get Your Paperwork in Order
Organizing your paperwork to get ready for tax season.

Organizing Your Home Office
Tips for organizing your home office.

8 Tips on How to Organize your Piles of Papers Forever
Tips for setting up filing systems to help you organize your paper clutter.

Creating a Personal Correspondence Kit
Tips for organizing your letter and note taking supplies.

Organizing Warranties and Owner's Manuals
Tips for getting your product owner's manuals and warranties organized and in order.

As Easy as A-B-C
Getting your home or office files in order is as easy as ABC when you follow some simple guidelines. Though setting up a simple dependable file plan isn't child's play it can be done and done quickly with some easy-to-use methods.

Help! I've Lost My Desk!
Your desk is lost! It has mysteriously been confiscated by articles, magazines, memos, letters, pink phone message slips, yellow Post-it notes, pads of paper, file folders and a multitude of papers in all shapes, colors and sizes.


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