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Household Chores:

Chore Chart for First Graders
A sample chore chart that you can use for a child of about 6 or 7 years of age.

Book Review: "Sink Reflections"
Review of Marla Cilley's popular book called Sink Reflections, a book to help rescue you from chronic disorganization.

Clean Sweep!: 20 Chores To Get Your Kids Helping Out
A list of twenty common household chores that you can assign to your children.

What to Do, When: A Guide of Age Appropriate Chores for Kids
Tips for setting up a chore schedule and age-appropriate chores for your entire family.

How to Get Your Kid to Clean Their Room
Tips for setting up systems to make it easy for your children to tidy up their bedrooms.

Teaching Kids to Clean the House 2 Simple Steps
One mom's tip for giving her children an incentive to do household chores.

The Chore Challenge
A creative way to get your kids racing to do their household chores.

Daily Chore Charts
How to create a daily chore chart or cleaning schedule for your family.

A Chart for Everything
Tips for organizing your children's day with charts.

Schedule Household Chores
Tips for making time for household chores by creating a schedule.

Household Chores for Preschool-Aged Children
Simple household chores that your preschool-aged child can do every day.

A Daily Chore Chart that Grows with Your Child
Creating a daily chore chart will help your children learn responsibility, as well as help get the household chores done.

3 Steps to a Clean Kid's Rooms
Tips for cleaning your children's room so that they can enjoy a more organized, clutter free room.

An Organized Home
Because our homes are in constant use and life is always changing from month to month and season to season, the way we organize our lives has to accommodate this.

12 Ways to Organize Your Laundry
Organizing your laundry makes this household chore just a little more manageable.

Bathroom Organizing Tips
If you're short on space in the bathroom, there are a number of ways you can optimize the space you do have to work with. Here are some ideas that have worked great for our family.

Spend Less Time Doing Household Chores
Maintaining the home in the summer months can be quite exhausting. The past few summers, I have implemented new strategies to keep my time inside the home limited but by still doing all the chores.


Winning the Chores Wars
A 4-step plan that will effectively get your child to willingly cooperate with chores.

Chores without Wars
Practical, step-by-step guide gives you the techniques you need to enlist the support and cooperation of your entire family to do household chores.

Kids, Chores, and More
A practical parenting guide written by a real expert-a real mom of real kids who actually do help out at home!

Help! Around the House
Tips for getting your whole family to do chores and help out around the house.

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