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How to Organize Messy Cupboards
by Lynn Cressy

There are many benefits to having organized cupboards and, specifically, kitchen cupboards. How many times have you been looking for a box of spaghetti and not been able to find it? Off to the store you go to buy yet another box of spaghetti, only to discover while looking for something else the following week that you now have enough spaghetti to feed a small army.

Organized cupboards saves you money on your grocery bills, the time you had to take to go to the store and the aggravation of digging through the cupboards to come up empty handed when you know you have the item you are looking for.

Simple organization of your cupboards will put an end to all that hassle. If your cupboard space is small, invest in one or a few of the over the door racks that hold canned goods and smaller items. Plastic shelves designed for cupboards are also ideal to use in the kitchen. A great way to use them is for small items such as cups that can be stored on and below the shelf to save space in the cupboard and yet be accessible.

Put boxed food, such as all your pasta items on one shelf. This includes macaroni noodles, the 42 boxes of spaghetti you now have, macaroni and cheese as well as your tomato, Alfredo and any canned or jar spaghetti sauce.

Depending on the size of your cupboard shelves, designate a shelf for breakfast foods, a shelf for canned goods such as vegetables and fruits and a shelf for juice drinks, mixes, tea bags, coffee and hot cocoa.

Put snack foods and lunch foods that the kids can help themselves to on a lower shelf so they can easily reach them. Of course, you will want to have guidelines concerning the availability of these snacks for the children.

Invest in a label maker and label the shelves with the items that go on them. Now, if your spouse or kids help put the groceries away, they know where to put them. If you have a lot of cupboard space you could go as far as making a label for the outside of each cupboard. This, of course, would depend on the style of your kitchen and would need to be attractive as well as useful.

Keeping your kitchen cupboards organized will not only save you time when you are running late and need to make a quick lunch or dinner but will also help the babysitter find the juice boxes if you step out for the evening.

To help keep your home organized, download a free copy of the ebook "The Essential Guide to Organizing Your Home". Download it free here: Organizing Tips. Lynn Cressy has a love for decorating and shopping for home decor. She owns a home decor web site and writes articles on home decorating and organizing your home and your life.

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