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Getting Organized: Creating a Recipe Binder

After thinking about it for fifteen years, I am finally doing it. I am finally putting all my recipes together in a recipe binder! One of the main purposes of a recipe binder is to put together a collection of all the magazine clippings and recipe cards you have collected over the years. My collection has been growing and growing, but I finally realized another reason why I should create a recipe binder.

I love cookbooks. I love to collect them, and I have parted with many over the years as we have moved, downsized, etc. What I finally realized was that I could photocopy my favorite recipes from those cookbooks and place them in a recipe binder!

recipe binder

When I was younger I had a really great memory and it was easy to remember where all my favorite recipes were. As I get older and as my recipe collection and cookbook collection have both grown, it is getting harder and harder to remember where all my recipes are. When I sit down to plan out meals, I usually don't have the time or energy to hunt through all my cookbooks.

I started my recipe binder over the weekend, and I am so excited to use it. I have already run out of page dividers and need to buy some more. All you need is a three-ring binder, some page dividers, and some clear sheet protectors to get started. You don't have to use the sheet protectors, but if you tend to make a mess in the kitchen, like I do, it's nice to have the recipes protected.

recipe binder

If you have recipe cards, photo protector pages are also a great option for organizing your recipes into a recipe binder.

The first thing you need to do is make a list of categories, like main dishes, salads, desserts, etc. I also made sections for kid stuff (playdough recipes, etc.), holidays, parties, and Weight Watchers. I am so excited to have somewhere to store all my Weight Watchers recipes I have cut out from their magazine. I have also been toting around a pile of great Halloween recipes for years that have never found a home! Now they have their own section in my recipe binder.

recipe binder

When I was putting my binder together, however, I quickly realized that one binder will not be enough. I may end up having separate binders for holidays and parties, Weight Watchers, etc.

If you have cookbooks you don't use very often, this is a great way to only keep the couple of recipes you use and gives you an excuse to get rid of the cookbooks! Of course I will still keep my favorites, but I have a lot of little booklets from the grocery store check out aisle that were falling apart anyway. Now I can just keep the recipes I want and throw the rest away.

Also, if you are a Pinterest fan, you will need a place to store all the new recipes you are going to try!

Have fun organizing your recipes!

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